Hue Jackson, Former NFL Head Coach

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Welcome to 90% Mental and the “In and Out of the Pocket Podcast Series” with All-Pro Quarterback, Jake “The Snake” Plummer and Mental Performance Coach, Grant Parr –where the mental game is discussed and discovered by the best Quarterbacks and offensive minded professionals in the business.

From overcoming adversity, celebrating mental wins to actionable mental skills strategies, and more. You’ll learn how to mentally navigate in and out of the pocket.

Today in the pocket, Jake and Grant sit down with Hue Jackson, NFL Football Coach to tap into Coach Jackson’s 30-year coaching career on the importance of coaching the mental game.

Not only does Jake remanence with Coach Jackson about their days at Arizona State University, but they discuss the importance of leadership, visualization, and why repetition is the mother of all learning.

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Twitter: @huejack10

Jake Plummer Jul 15, 2020


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