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Patented, highly interactive web-based playbook that leverages multiple learning styles and integrated testing.

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Next Generation Playbook for NFL and College Football

Currently players are only provided one modality to learn complex plays and playbooks, which is with static content. We address this issue through the delivery of our learning platform, which allows the players to interact with the content.

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ReadyList Pro Features

  • Allow players to quiz using a variety of learning styles: Text, Audio, and Video
  • Increase learning efficiency and retention rate to maximize limited player study time
  • Improve player confidence to help them play safer, smarter, harder, and faster
  • Makes learning fun, competitive and engaging
Ready List Pro demo
  • Practice time and walk throughs will be more productive because coaches will understand deficiencies in players’ knowledge beforehand
  • Track player progress and view detailed analytics for each area tested and determine a player's readiness to take the field
  • Quickly get new players up to speed and integrated into your schemes
  • Mobile Compatible - Works on phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Keep players accountable for knowing the playbook
  • Test draft eligible players or high school recruits on their ability to learn your system
  • Encourage player progression while adhering to player contact rules such as the NCAA 20-hour rule and the NFL’s new CBA restrictions
  • Gain a competitive advantage by reducing players’ mental errors on the field, resulting in more wins


Test Across All Facets of the Game

  • Personnel
  • Passing Game
  • Quarterback Progressions
  • Defensive Coverages
  • Custom Multiple Choice QuestionsScouting / Responsibilities / General Knowledge
  • Run Game
  • Protections
  • Defensive Fronts
  • Run Gap Responsibilities
  • Blitz Gap Responsibilities

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